The goal of Geronimo Wheelworks is to make practical and reliable electric assist bicycles for people to use for fun and for almost all their transportation needs. 

The basic bike is built on a Surley Big Dummy frame with a direct drive hub motor on the rear wheel, a very robust motor controller and a Lithium Ion battery.  It has cruise control and a very effective regenerative braking system that is activated by the right brake lever and does wonders for saving brake pads and making the rider feel more secure on long descents as well as extending the range by directing current back into the battery. 

For the past 4 and a half years the bike has developed from trying different conversion kits on the Xtracycle platform with an eye on power, range and reliability.   It continues to improve as better products come onto the market but the main challenge remains the cost and performance of the batteries. 

Another goal is to make the bikes as open source as possible so any battery can be used and the issues that come up can be easily diagnosed and repaired.  Our hope is that many bike enthusiasts will come together to standardize basic components and make the ebike cheaper and easier to own.

We are just beginning to work more closely with Xtracycle and continue to work with Grin Technologies in Vancouver, Canada. Our showroom is at The Bicycle Works in San Anselmo, Ca. and our production and repair work is done in San Geronimo, Ca. 

Our shared goal is to get a bicycle under as many people as possible by making available a bike that fits everyone's needs. Though our bikes are not cars, most of our customers use their cargo bike instead of a second car and in many cases it works better and adds an element of health and fun to their lives.

Please visit The Bicycle Works for a test ride or contact GWW directly.